The Process of Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

One of the best perks you receive when you get married is reliving the day with your wedding photos! Every bride knows just how great it is to have a large scrapbook that is completely filled with memories so you can look back at your big day on anniversaries, future weddings you attend, or just to pass the time on a cold winter night. Because your wedding pictures are so important, it is essential that you choose the best photographer possible to capture your wedding on film so the memories are as vivid as possible. Here are a few standard tips to help you when choosing your wedding photographer so you can get the most for your money and have a beautiful scrapbook.

Find a Few Photographers to Choose From

Thank goodness for the internet! Our parents didn’t have anywhere near the variety to choose from as we do – and the sheer number of available wedding photographers and their distinct styles can be overwhelming. Gather recommendations from friends as well as local wedding photography groups on Facebook and do your own searching online. Go through a few albums of their work to make sure their style matches yours.

Meet the Photographers

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection of photographers to no more than you can count on one hand, start meeting with them. Face to face would be best, but a video call or even a phone call will do. If you don’t set aside a few minutes, at least, to get to know your photographer, it will take you a little longer to get used to them when it comes time to take the wedding pictures. It’s a stranger pointing a camera at you, after all! Getting to know each other better enables you, as the subject of the picture, to relax and allows the wedding photographer to find small things to highlight they wouldn’t have known previously.

Have an Engagement Photo Session

An engagement photo session is a chance for the photographer to truly capture the essence of your love in one or several photos. Here are a few ideas for making your engagement photo session the best images of you and your betrothed that anyone has ever seen – except for the wedding photos!

Look at Their Portfolio Closely

Looking at a photographer’s portfolio is always a great idea, but it’s even more important if you have some particular photos in mind for your wedding. For instance, if you want pictures of everyone lined up holding sparklers during your reception, then you should make sure they have experience in such photos. Capturing sparklers in photos requires some practice, not to mention special wedding reception sparklers; so make sure you consult with your potential photographer if that’s something you want. Perhaps you want a few night shots. There is a lot of technique involved in those pictures as well. By looking at their portfolio, you can ensure you’re going to receive a very favorable result.

Smile like You Mean It

Copying a photo you found online isn’t natural, but it’s totally okay to set up a sweet moment where you can relax and express yourself. Work together with your photographer to create genuine moments that he or she can capture on your wedding day.

Be yourself and know that the process doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking – the photographer is there to do all the important work!